Somatic Imagery and Ego State Psychotherapy Monthly Seminar

This is a practical, clinical monthly seminar to help therapists integrate Somatic Imagery and Ego State  concepts and techniques into their ongoing work with clients. It is intended to deepen and extend the skills of those who have taken the Foundations of Somatic Imagery Training. It provides opportunity for in-depth discussion and problem solving.

Participants learn how to develop strategic psychotherapeutic interventions using Somatic Imagery to shift frozen historical dynamics and break through therapeutic impasses. They can focus on particular clients and topics of relevance to their current practice. Participants can also deepen their skills through somatic imagery exercises,demonstrations and facilitation practice.

Learning outcomes include optimizing the effectiveness of Somatic Imagery in clinical practice for a broad range of therapeutic challenges, including:

• Affect regulation
• Stress and anxiety reduction; nervous system regulation
• Renegotiating attachment patterns
• Trauma resolution
• Problem solving and conflict resolution
• Exploratory, diagnostic and dynamic work
• Ego strengthening and supportive therapy
• Pain relief





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