Mark Lawrence

August 16th, 2011


Mark Lawrence was our highly respected colleague and our dear friend. He was a gifted clinician and teacher who created a powerful model that, in his words, “ integrates the dynamic concepts and techniques of state-dependent learning, dissociation, hypnosis, imagery, and gestalt therapy.” He kept up with the latest developments in neuroscience and had a brilliant and curious mind. He trained hundreds of therapists and was sought after as a consultant and a therapist.

As our friend and colleague he was a pleasure to work with-warm, funny, generous, accepting, and a great listener. He was consistently upbeat and positive during our meetings and email exchanges and would offer creative suggestions around obstacles. We picture Mark with his twinkling eyes and smile.

We have heard from so many of you who are also stunned by and grieving his death. We envision this blog as a place for all of us to share experiences and memories of Mark and how he influenced our lives. We hope it will help the healing process and join us together as we mourn.

Susan Drobis and Cynthia Margolies

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  1. Erin Says:

    I was a patient of Dr. Lawrence when I was only 18 years old in 1991. Dr. Lawrence literally saved my life. He had a way about him that immediately made me feel safe, calm and understood. In the strangest way, I happened to stumble upon a news report regarding his death. I am unbelievably shocked and saddened to learn of this tragedy. After all of these years, I vividly remember the day my parents drove me to Dr. Lawrence’s home for the first time and the sense of relief I felt after meeting with him. What a huge loss. I am now almost 40 years old and a counselor for adolescents. He inspired me and helped me more than I could ever express in words.

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