Foundations of Somatic Imagery and Ego-State Psychotherapy 1

Somatic Imagery and Ego State Psychotherapy are powerful yet simple bottom up tools that help interrupt old patterns, break through impasses and access unconscious material. Somatic Imagery adds energy and vitality to therapeutic work by integrating the body, the emotions and the imagination. Clients learn how to self-regulate, access internal resources and restore resilience and balance to their nervous systems.

Ego State Psychotherapy, also known as “parts work”, provides access to hidden and unconscious parts of the self that can block change and keep people overwhelmed and stuck. Combined with imagery it creates a path to healing by opening up the imagination and tapping into inaccessible internal resources. It is particularly effective with clients who have experienced trauma, neglect and attachment disturbances. These tools can be integrated into any model of psychotherapy.

In this workshop participants learn the basic concepts and techniques for implementing Somatic Imagery and Ego State Psychotherapy in ongoing clinical practice. Through experiential exercises participants will be guided in developing their own Somatic Imagery and Ego State process, which provides a deeper knowledge of the power and effectiveness of these tools.

Learning outcomes include knowledge of the basic concepts and facilitation techniques for optimizing the effectiveness of Somatic Imagery and Ego-State Psychotherapy in clinical practice for a broad range of therapeutic challenges, including:

• Affect regulation
• Stress and anxiety reduction; nervous system regulation
• Renegotiating attachment patterns
• Trauma resolution
• Problem solving and conflict resolution
• Exploratory, diagnostic and dynamic work
• Ego strengthening and supportive therapy
• Pain relief

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