A Day of Mindfulness For Therapists

How do therapists keep from being triggered and activated with clients in these challenging times? As we sit with our own fears and insecurities, we must also be available to help contain our clients’ distress. Therapists need an enhanced capacity to hold uncertainty and anxiety and to stay centered and grounded with clients. Mindfulness skills help develop embodied self-awareness and emotional resilience; they also build a capacity for regulating anxiety, stress, intense affects, and uncertainty.

Designed as a single-day, small-group immersion in mindful awareness, this training provides a hands-on, personal experience of the transformative power of Mindfulness. Both conceptual and experiential, A Day of Mindfulness for Therapists focuses on your own personal growth while enhancing your effectiveness as a therapist. Time is set aside to address questions and individual concerns. Regardless of your theoretical framework, therapeutic modality, or degree of experience, you will gain a personal understanding of how Mindfulness can help you develop myriad skills:

  • The ability to concentrate, focus and be in the present moment
  • The ability to hold powerful affects, self-regulate and reduce anxiety
  • The ability to attend and notice your internal reactions, particularly to clients
  • The ability to be present in an open, non-judgmental, and compassionate way toward both self and other
  • The ability to tolerate and sit with “not-knowing,” uncertainty, confusion, paradox and change

There is no prerequisite for this training, and no previous experience with Mindfulness is required.

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