Relaxing and Centering Through Imagery

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The CD Relaxing and Centering Through Imagery by Susan Drobis, consists of guided exercises to facilitate experiences of relaxation and healing.  The exercises on this CD can be helpful in reducing stress and anxiety and increasing a sense of inner strength.

Somatic Imagery is a simple, gentle, yet powerful tool that stimulates the relaxation response by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. For some people guided imagery is the easiest form of meditation and can be a first step in learning how to meditate. Somatic Imagery helps quiet and focus the mind as it calms the body. The structure and guidance of the imagery exercises help develop the capacity to concentrate.

Through the use of Somatic Imagery we can send calming and healing messages to our minds and our bodies. There is evidence that suggests that as we practice these exercises, we are re-wiring our brain and developing new positive neural pathways.

Except for the initial grounding and relaxation exercises, this CD consists solely of guided imagery meditation exercises. There is some overlap between these somatic imagery exercises and those on the CD Healing Through Imagery. All exercises on this CD are facilitated by Susan Drobis.


Relaxation Exercise

Pleasant Place



Healing Pond


Energy Renewal