Self-Connecting Imagery CD

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Using Imagery to Understand Hidden Parts of the Self

All of us are comprised of many sub-personalities or parts of the self (ego states), some of which are partially, or even totally, hidden. These hidden parts are frequently in conflict with other parts, leading to symptoms of anxiety, depression, physical distress, or general unhappiness.

Through imagery these hidden parts can be accessed and understood, ultimately leading to a resolution of the underlying conflict and the ensuing symptoms. This process is often fun and playful, as it invites you to connect with yourself in new and imaginative ways.

The Ego State Psychotherapy courses offered by the Center for Healing and Imagery include many experiential imagery exercises, along with the didactic, conceptual framework underlying these exercises.

We have also compiled a CD incorporating many of these imagery exercises, presented by Mark Lawrence, M.D. This CD is entitled “Self-Connecting Imagery” and contains the following tracks:

  1. Introduction
  2. Reflecting on goals in a Safe Place
  3. Earliest Memory
  4. Ego State Bridge and Ego State Shift
  5. Meeting Your Ego States
  6. Finding Hidden Ego States
  7. Getting to Know a Protector Ego State Blocking Your Path
  8. Integrating Ego States at the End of a Corridor