Healing through Imagery CD

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The CD Healing Through Imagery is designed to ease you into a relaxed, focused, non-analytical and receptive state of mind that facilitates exploration and change. Somatic Imagery is a simple, gentle, yet powerful tool for both emotional and physical healing.

The variety of images on this CD can be helpful in managing stress and anxiety, in facilitating relaxation, in helping connect with inner strengths and resources, and in letting go of or getting help with challenging problems.

The CD also includes a series of images that allow you to experience your own unconscious view of your body, to understand what your body needs, and to communicate what you need to your body. You will learn how to use Somatic Imagery to heal your body through several different guided images.

This CD is presented by Natalie Shaw, MSW, Susan Drobis, LICSW, and Mark Lawrence, M.D. It includes the following tracks:

  1. The Power of Imagery
  2. How to Listen to the Images
  3. Relaxation Exercise
  4. Pleasant Place
  5. Three Gifts
  6. Wise Being
  7. Tree
  8. Lightening our Burdens
  9. Healing Pond
  10. Activating the Parasympathetic Nervous System
  11. Energy Renewal
  12. Communicating with the Body
  13. Body Healing Image
  14. Harmony