Guided Meditations: Disc 2

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Mindfulness is a tool that helps reduce stress, manage anxiety, develop concentration, and enhance the ability to live in the moment. It also helps quiet self-criticism and judgment, and helps clarify internal conflicts and struggles. Mindfulness increases our capacity to tolerate and accept the inevitable challenges of our lives and to integrate our mind and our body.

The Mindfulness CD’s consist entirely of Guided Meditation Exercises. Each exercise emphasizes a different way of practicing Mindfulness. They include different ways of focusing on the breath, focusing on images, focusing on the body, focusing on sound, focusing on thinking as an activity and focusing on emotions. Some exercises move one deeper into subjective reality and some focus away from it. Individuals vary as to their preference for these different options.

The exercises vary in length between 10 and 20 minutes each. The clear guidance and explanation that accompanies each exercise makes these CD’s an easy way to develop mindfulness and meditation skills. The first three CD’s are equally good starting points for beginners. The fourth CD incorporates techniques from the other three CD’s and is more advanced with the exception of the Breath Pleasure Meditation.

Guided Meditations – Disc 2:

  1. Spaciousness; Body Scan Meditation
  2. Meditation on Emotions
  3. Eating Meditation
  4. Lake Meditation